TV and Media

From Field to Fleece

Twig Farm and Lily Warne Wool has been host to various TV programmes, radio shows and publications due to the gorgeous landscape and easy accessibility. We have one of the most prestigious Longwool flocks in the region bred from some of the oldest bloodlines in the country. The Lily Warne Flock consists of all the Devon based Longwool sheep – the Grey Faced Dartmoor, White Faced Dartmoor and Devon and Cornwall Longwool. All are totally gorgeous, immensely photogenic and very easy to work with due to their docile nature.

Lewis and Paula have media experience in front of the camera and with a host of sheepskins, wool and knitting paraphernalia to hand can make the prefect scene for a wide range of media projects. As all the wool processes are undertaken ‘on farm’ both knitting and shearing demonstrations are always an option.

Should you wish to discuss any options further please don’t hesitate to get in touch….