Lily Warne Ewesletter 2018


To all my very dearest Lily Warne Wool followers. I have had such an amazing past year and would like to share it with you.

Well the year started with just me…. Lewis and Flora are well on their way to their very own fantastic business and The Dartmoor Shepherd is striding ahead with a HUGE flock of sheep being based at Chagford,Devon. They had a wonderful stand at Badminton Horse Trials and as I am typing to you are at Bath Christmas Market selling their gorgeous wares. From their beautiful sheepskin rugs, to sumptuous handbags.

So as you all are aware we started the year with my adorable lambs being born, they are the cutest ever from my darling flock of Grey Face Dartmoor sheep. But no-one could ever envisage the weather we had to deal with on the farm. We had just turned out the new lambs and them the snow arrived. Our sheep are long wool and if you brought them back into the barn after getting wet, pneumonia would of set in and we would have lost them. So we made shelters for them out of anything we could find. Their brilliant mothers kept them warm. Every morning I was so frightened to go out in the field and see what I would find. Then the freezing rain came. This froze the snow and our darling girls are as high as they are wide and could not lift their stumpy legs out of the then ice blocks so many a day and night we spent digging them out with their little lambs. I was amazed and so happy that we did not lose one of them (well I actually cried, a lot).

I was delighted when spring arrived with the lambs jumping and leaping around and lambing was finally over….well I thought! Whilst Mr Shepherd (husband) – thats not his name… was checking the ewes who were too old to lamb he found a small new born lamb in the field. He spent a hour watching to see who the mother was but not one of them declared their love for this little lamb. So time was of the essence and back to the farm she came. We had to tube feed her colostrum and keep her in a little basket by the Aga. To be totally honest I never thought she would survive. But with Mr Shepherds persistence and mine she survived. At this point she actually thought she was a dog. I shared the whole experience on Instagram and Facebook. I asked for names and she was named Hope so we have a hashtag #hopethelamb

Summer arrived and what a beautiful summer it was… and again mother nature tested all the farming folk. No rain for ages which is bliss for everyone, but that means no grass and yes no grass. Well haven’t the farm animals gone though enough of the winter now with no grass it was very tough for them. But we survived and the girls were delighted when the rain came and the grass started to grow.

Tupping (when the girls have a visit from the ram) arrived and he must of been a good looking chap as all the girls had a little loving all in their first cycle so we are hopefully due to have some cracking lambs in late February 2019.

I have been extremely busy Guest Speaking this year 24 dates in total spreading the word of Lily Warne Wool, I am sure my Granny looks down as proud as punch at me. Lots of new goodies joined the website this year from Knit your Own kits to our Farm Mice.

Please do follow Lily Warne Wool on all social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) as I truly love what I do and it is my pleasure to share with you.

So what does 2019 bring, well I think its about time you met the flock we have 5 new girls joined in 2018 this year from a dear lady who had to retire, so I will keep you updated on, Apple, Berry, Fern, Bramble and Autumn. I will endeavour to get to as many fairs to meet and greet friends old and new. Plus lots of guest speaking events all booked. I will update the website with these dates and venues.

So I am heading off for a lovely cup of tea. I would like to thank EWE all for your continued loyal support and love wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2019.

Buckets of Love

Paula, Mouse and Bunny (whippets), Raddish & Pip (Jack Russell’s), Millie & Winston (Farm Cats) plus all of the dearest and darling Lily Warne flock of Grey Face Dartmoor Sheep